HOUSTON, TX 77015-3766


ADDRESS: 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, Harris County, Texas 77015-3766 (we are on the Southwest corner of Uvalde Road and Louisville Road, in East Harris County (but still in Houston), just North of I. H. 10 East Freeway. We have a free-standing sign on the corner of Uvalde Road and Louisville Road.
(for directions, see further down on this page).

PHONE: (713) 453-8338

FREE phone: 1-800-472-5721 (non-local calls)

FAX number (713) 453-3232

Attorney T. W. Proctor's eMail: auraman@swbell.net

Office Manager Rachel D. Wortham (Rachel a B.S. Degree in Business Administration, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Juris Doctor Degree from South Texas College of Law. She is waiting to take the Bar Exam, and hopefully become the second attorney in our office soon.)

DIRECTIONS to LAW OFFICE from various starting points:


Get on I.H. 10 East Freeway and go East about 14 to 15 miles; stay on I.H. 10, under Loop 610 East Overpass, then exit I.H. 10 East at the Uvalde, Freeport, Market Street exit (this is about the fifth exit past the Loop 610 East overpass). As you exit, go to the traffic light on the Service Road, staying in the inside or 2nd from inside lane. Turn right, at the traffic light, make a left turn under I.H. 10 East Freeway, which puts headed North on Uvalde Road. Look at your odometer as you make this left turn and go exactly one mile North to 630 Uvalde Road.

From BAYTOWN and EAST HARRIS COUNTY (east of Uvalde Road):

Get on I.H. 10 East Freeway and go West to the EXIT which shows Uvalde & Market Street (this is about the third exit past the Beltway 8 exit and the first exit past the Freeport exit). As you exit you will continue down the Service Road headed West, in the outside lane to the first traffic light, which is at Uvalde Road. Turn right, look at your odometer, then go exactly one mile North to 630 Uvalde Road.


Get on Beltway 8 East and follow it East and South around to the Uvalde Road exit. Exit cautiously as you cross the Service Road traffic in a very short distance to head South on Uvalde Road. You will come to several signal lights, before you need to start looking for the cross street intersection of Uvalde Road and Louisville Road, where we are on the Southwest corner of that intersection. Here are the lights you will cross on Uvalde Road as you head South on Uvalde Road, after exiting from Beltway 8: San Jacinto College entrance; Wallisville Road; Thorntree; Freeport; Woodforest; and Holly Park. Once you cross Holly Park, you will go about five blocks, and our office is on your right at Louisville Road.

From SOUTH HARRIS COUNTY: (where you are near Beltway 8)

Get on Beltway 8 East and follow it North across the Houston Ship Channel, exiting on I. H. 10 East to go West (toward Houston). Then follow the same directions as above from East Harris County, from the point of Beltway 8 and IH 10 headed West.

From SOUTH HARRIS COUNTY: (where you are near Loop 610)

Get on Loop 610 South and go Northbound, across the Houston Ship Channel, exiting onto I. H. 10 East; to go East toward Baytown. Then follow the same directions as above from Downtown Houston from the point of Loop 610 on.

From PASADENA (using the Washburn Tunnel):
Go through the Washburn Tunnel to I.H. 10 East; turn East onto the Service Road. You may stay on the Service Road or get up on I.H. 10 East and then back off on the Uvalde Road exit. Continue down the Service Road to the traffic light at Uvalde Road; turn left under I. H. 10 East and head North for exactly 1 mile to our office as set out above, at 630 Uvalde Road.

From WEST HARRIS COUNTY: Get on I.H. 10 West Freeway and head East. Stay on I.H. 10 Freeway through the downtown area and then follow the directions above from DOWNTOWN HOUSTON.

TRAVEL TIMES APPROXIMATELY (during normal traffic and non-rush hours):

Approx. 15 to 20 minutes from the Courthouse at Fannin St. & Congress Ave.

Approx. 10 to 15 minutes from Garth Road and I.H. 10 East.

Approx. 25 to 40 minutes from the Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Approx. 10 to 15 minutes from Pasadena, using Loop 610
Approx. 15 to 20 minutes from the Southern part of Loop 610
Approx. 8 to 10 minutes from Pasadena, using the Washburn Tunnel

FROM WEST HARRIS COUNTY: Travel time from where you are to downtown, then 15 to 20 minutes per DOWNTOWN time shown above.

T. W. PROCTOR & ASSOCIATES provides legal services; mediation services; arbitration services; consultation on legal matters; expert witness services in:

eART SCANNING (T. W. Proctor created and has advanced this technique for scanning things directly into the computer without a camera)


Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D. is the only attorney at T. W. Proctor & Associates at present. The law firm has had from one to three attorneys, during the 43 years it has been open. Click here to review the Curriculum Vitae (resume) of attorney Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D.

Rachel D. Wortham is our full time Officer Manager. Rachel has completed South Texas College of Law and is studying for the Bar Exam. Our clients tell us they enjoy Rachel's pleasant personality and legal knowledge. So do we..


Besides this website, Terry Proctor has several other websites, which he has built, which you may enjoy visiting, depending upon your interests:

www.terryco.us is the website for Terry Proctor's creative work and new art form. Located on www.terryco.usweb site are examples of the new art for, which Terry had developed and called "eArt Scanning". It lends itself well to at least three uses: lovely new art creations which appear to float in front of the background and have a three-dimensional qualities;use in law, in the gathering, preserving and presentation of evidence, in legal matters and elsewhere;collection and storage of information on valuables, collectibles and other things of the size which may be scanned and stored. The detail of such stored information is much better usually than photographs, although photographs may be added of things too large to scan.

www.proctormuseum.us is the website of the Proctor Museum of Natural Science, Inc. (PMNS), a "not for profit" natural history museum, which was incorporated on March 17, 1988. The physical museum is across the street from the law office, but the PMNS office is in the law office building at 630 Uvalde Road, Houston, Texas 77015-3766. Terry has been the Curator and Board Chairman of the PMNS since its inception. This year the Board has 35 members, including scientists, lay persons, doctors, Rockhounds, and many others. It is believed that you will enjoy a visit to this site, if you have interests in fossils, minerals, gemstones, jewelry making, scientific history, geological ages, shells and many other areas. Included in this web site are the number of award-winning articles which Terry Proctor has written on science. His articles have been published in "The Backbenders Gazette" of the Houston Gem & Mineral Society and also in the "Tampa Bay Chronicles" of the Tampa Bay, Florida Fossil Club, both of which organizations, Terry Proctor is a member.

www.methodistmen.us is the website which Terry created for the United Methodist Men (UMM) of Holy Trinity United Methodist Church (HTUMC), where he attends regularly. Terry is Past President of the UMM at HTUMC and over the approx. 44-45 years he has attended here, has served in almost every capacity, including Lay Speaker, Choir, Pres. of UMM, Trustee. Presently Terry is in his sixth year as Secretary of UMM.

www.methodistflame.us is the website which Terry created for HTUMC to apprise the membership of things of importance with the church.

http://www.wellduh.us is a website for sale of a variety of things. It is new and just being built, but soon you may find things of interest here, which you may not be able to find much of anywhere else.