T. W. PROCTOR, J.D. 630 UVALDE ROAD Phone (713) 453-8338
Attorney--Mediator HOUSTON, TX 77015-3766 FAX (713) 453-3232
Licensed September, 1963 eMail auraman@swbell.net

The Glendale Mediation Center
630 Uvalde Road, Houston, Texas 77015
15 minutes from the Courthouse
1 mile North of I.H. 10 East
Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D.
Attorney, Mediator & former Judge
1991 photo & 1973 photo




Trial attorney--40 years private practice (since September, 1963)

Municipal Court Judge--Jacinto City, Texas 4 years

Assoc. District Judge, 246th District Court 1984

Master appointed on various cases by several courts

Mediator training from Attorney-Mediator Institute completed 1992

Moderator--trained by Houston Bar Dispute Resolution Center 1991

Arbitrator--trained by American Arbitration Association about 1993

Medi-Legal Institute at Baylor College of Medicine 1984

City Attorney for 3 years for Lomax, Texas, now part of LaPorte, Texas

City Secretary & Tax Assessor/Collector in Jacinto City, Texas for 1 year

Tax Attorney--Katy I.S.D. 6 years

Instructor--Texas Prison Pre-Release Program 1960s

Moot Court Judge Moot Court competitions at South Texas College of Law

B.S. in Bus. Admn (Mktg, Mgt. & Acct.) from University of Tulsa 1957

MBA--all classroom hours completed in 1958, but moved and thesis incomplete.

J.D.--South Texas College of Law--graduated top 15% of class

Air Force OCS Corres. Course graduated with 97% grade average

Editor, Annotations--North Harris County Bar Association 1988--1994

Assoc. Editor, South Texas Law Journal 1963

Moot Court team--South Texas College of Law 1962

Dispute Resolution Center (Houston) pro bono mediator 1992-present

Legal Article Columnist for the Daily Court Review for the Daily Court Review--Column on Law, "Tell Us" appears on front page on most Tuesdays.


Licensed: Supreme Court of Texas Sept. 17, 1963

Licensed: Southern District of Texas 1966 & renewed in 1993

Licensed: U.S. Fifth Circuit 1967

State Bar of Texas--appointed by Texas Bar Association President Lonnie Morrison as member of the Standing Committee for the Legal Aspects of the Arts term of appointment 1993-97;

also appointed to
SBOT "Other Professions Committee" in 1996 for 3 year term;

also served on the 1993-94 State Bar of Texas Referendum Committee;

has been a member of the State Bar of Texas College;

has been a member of the State Bar of Texas Pro Bono College for years;

North Harris County Bar Association President 1982, 1992 & 1993; Vice-President 1991; Sec-Treas. 1981, 1988, 1989 and 1990; Director many times including last in 1994.

North Channel Bar Association--Sec./Treas. for number of years

Houston Bar Association past member & served on Professionalism Committee '95-96 & on Fee Dispute Committee 95-'96

Houston Lawyer Referral Service Director 1991-96 & Treasurer & Chairman of the Finance Committee 1993-94

Houston Trial Lawyers Association Director 1990-present & Chair of Litigation Cost Control Committee 1995-until committee dissolved in 2000. While Chairman of this Committee, the Committee as responsible for legislation limiting charges on Medical Records to reduce costs of litigation.

Texas Trial Lawyers Association--former member

American Trial Lawyers Association--former member

Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyers Charter member


Cited for outstanding service to North Harris County Bar Association 1990

Cited for service on Juvenile Committee of North American Judges Association 1970

Named in Marquis Who's Who in American Law--four times

Named in Marquis Who's Who in the South & Southwest--four times

Named in Marquis Who's Who in the World--indexed four times

8 years Air National Guard and U.S. Air Force Reserve


Eagle Scout

Asst. Scoutmaster Troop #512 Boy Scouts of America--several years

Unit Commissioner Boy Scouts of America--1 year

Explorer Scout Post Advisor Post #512--2 years

Nominated by Sen. Don Hendersonin 1986 for the Texas Legislature's "Texas Artist of the Year" (only 10 to 12 persons are nominated each year--for this honor)

Award-winning Author: weekly column writer for The Daily Court Review; published articles, Trial Lawyers of America; Writer's Digest; other publications with articles on law, computer, Paleontology, poetry, copyrighted plays (produced) and other published writing and new eArt Scanning technique. [See Bibliography for details]

Curator & Chairman of Board of Proctor Museum of Natural Science--1989 to present

First Vice-Pres. Houston Gem & Mineral Society (HGMS) --twice 1996 & 1997

Chairman, HGMS Paleontology Section of HGMS 1997

Chairman, HGMS Show Committee 1997 at the Brown Convention Center

Various positions since 1958 at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church, Houston, Texas, including Trustee, Lay Minister, Sunday school teacher, choir member, President Methodist Men (1994)

Actor, House Manager, Poster Artist & Technical Person for Baytown Little Theater--many years

Former Director, Baytown Art League 4 years

Past President, Northshore Area Art League

Former Director, Northshore Area Art League 4 years

Past President, Greater Northeast Chamber of Commerce 2 terms

Past President, Greater Northshore Area Jaycees 2 terms

Former Director, Centre Stage Players 2 years

Former Harris County Deputy Sheriff Reserve Officer 1961-63

Named in "Outstanding Young Men of America" by U.S. Jaycees 1963

Numerous awards & recognition as public speaker and magician for churches, scouts, civic groups, schools, senior citizen centers, rest homes and others


Attorney/Mediator Terry Proctor:

° is trained to mediate any civil dispute at any level, from pre-litigation through appellate mediation matters.

° has a broad legal background in both Plaintiff's and Defendant's representation.

° has an unusually broad background in life , including exceptionally varied personal work experiences; cultural and art involvement; government; politics; scientific knowledge; and work; civic associations; religious work; work in education; professional work; and family life(4 children, 7 grandchildren, 3 step-children & 1 step-grandchild) ° has handled cases involving:

° can mediate cases involving: Personal Injury; Corporation disputes; Business litigation; Debt and collection; Deceptive Trade Practice; Probate; Contract & Warranty disputes; Family Law; Real Property; Premises Liability; Medical and Legal Malpractice; Intellectual Property matters; Criminal Defense; and many other areas.

° can often be available on short notice and can usually work on weekends if necessary.

° owns the Glendale Mediation Center. Availability of facilities at all hours is never a problem.


(Note: HGMS refers to Houston Gem & Mineral Society)

The History of Law booklet, published on June 29, 2003 for distribution in connection with Terry Proctor's presentation as the June, 2003 speaker for the Vital Speakers Program of Holy Trinity United Methodist Church. A copy is part of this web site. Permission is given attorneys and citizens to download ONE copy for their personal use of this copyrighted booklet.

Daily Court Review-Houston weekly Series of weekly articles appearing on the front page of the Daily Court Review on Wednesdays of most weeks. This is a series of articles, which started in the August 14, 2002 edition, on Law, written for lay persons. The Publisher prints one article most weeks on Tuesday or Wednesday, on the front page.

North Channel Sentinel -- 1960s & 1970s Columnist for the Sentinel newspaper, writing articles on law and community affairs. Also in 1990s and to date on the Proctor Museum of Natural Science, Holy Trinity United Methodist Church, law matters, and other community interest articles. (for a time this was the North Channel Sun but is now the North Channel Sentinel)

South Texas Law Journal Spring 1973 "Killing and Maiming Excused If The Victim Doesn't Own A Birth Certificate" (This article won first place in the Houston Trial Lawyers contest that year)

Writer's Digest 1976 "Legally seating the 10 Ton Gorilla at the Table" (This article was an award winning article recognized in this publication)

Texas Bar Journal about 1973-76 Series of cartoons I drew were used by this professional publication.

Bar publications misc. dates Articles on Ethics, DTPA and other subjects for Seminars and publications

The Double Drop Out copyrighted Play. Author of this comedy play which was produced as a rehearsed reading at the County Playhouse in March, 1998.

West Ways copyrighted Play. Author of this melodrama comedy play.

Messages of the Mind 2000 Book. Author of this copyrighted book of poetry, pen & ink drawings, philosophy & the new eArt scanning technique developed by T.W. Proctor, J.D.

Judge Fudge, Magician. Putting on shows for churches, State Bar of Texas,scouts, civic groups, bar groups and others. Original material written and presented by T. W. Proctor, J.D. T. W. Proctor won 3rd place in July, 1995, in behalf of the North Harris County Bar Association, as their entrant in the State Bar of Texas's Annual Convention Talent Contest with a magic show which Terry put on. The competition were such groups as the Dallas Bar Association; the Houston Bar Association; the San Antonio Bar Association; the Austin Bar Association and other. Terry sometimes also uses the magician name of the Caliph of Cloverleaf.

HGMS BackBenders Gazette author of many monthly articles in 1996 & 1997 of this, the Houston Gem & Mineral Society(HGMS) as the First Vice-President in 1996 & 1997 and the Chairman of the Paleo Section of HGMS in 1997.

HGMS BackBenders Gazette November 1999 HGMS Article "Determination = Big Rewards" (article on digging Oligocene fossils in Nebraska in June 1999)

HGMS BackBenders Gazette December 1999 HGMS Paleo Section Field Trip To Whiskey Bridge (article on shell fossils near Bryan, Texas)

HGMS BackBenders Gazette January 2000 HGMS Eulogy for Richard Emil Offeman

HGMS BackBenders Gazette March 2000 HGMS "Your Scanner as Your CAMERA!!!"

Chronicles April 2000 Tampa Bay Fossil Club "Your Scanner as Your CAMERA!!!" (rewritten article from HGMS article)

Rock & Gem magazine September 2000 "ROCK ART In the Digital Age" article on use of scanner for direct scanning of rocks, minerals, fossils, flowers et al into your computer without a camera. This is a technique I developed.

************************************************************************************************************************** The following are articles about, rather than by, T. W. Proctor:

Texas Bar Journal November 2000 This professional publication carried an article on me, including the technique I developed, which I call eArt Scanning, for scanning directly into the computer without a camera and obtaining 3-D appearing items.

This is not a complete listing of creative work. I have approximately 50+ paintings; 80+ pen & ink drawings; and several hundred eArt scanned renditions.

Quarterly Fall 2001--The Quarterly is the publication of South Texas College of Law, and carried an article on T. W. Proctor on page 11.

South Central Federation Of Mineral Societies--2001 Winner of First Place on Adult Advanced Article in the "HGMS BackBenders Gazette" entitled "Your Scanner as Your CAMERA!!!" and Fourth Place on Poem "The Rockhound".

American Federation Of Mineralogical Societies--2001 Winner of Fourth Place on Adult Advanced Article in the "HGMS BackBenders Gazette" entitled "Your Scanner as Your CAMERA!!!" and Eighth Place on Poem "The Rockhound".

South Central FederationOf Mineral Societies--2002 Winner of Fourth Place in Adult Advanced Article in the "HGMS BackBenders Gazette" entitled "Showing Your Age" and Fifth Place on Poem "Ain't Rockhounding Great".

American Federation Of Mineralogical Societies--2002 Winner of Third Place in Adult Advanced Articles in the "HGMS BackBenders Gazette" entitled "Showing Your Age" (this is the toughest category).

HGMS BackBenders Gazette Oct. 2001 Eulogy on William Owen Proctor.

HGMS BackBenders Gazette Nov. 2001 "Showing Your Age" (article on how Paleontologists determine the age of various bones, artifacts etc.)

HGMS BackBenders Gazette Nov. 2001 "Ain't Rockhounding Great!!!" poem on mineral and fossil collecting.

Speaking before Church and other groups.--Overhead projector presentations have also been made to HTUMC. I have also been the speaker and presented programs at the Houston Gem & Mineral Society-Paleo Section and the HGMS Main Club on a number of occasions on Paleontology expeditions and other matters. I have put on speaking presentations with exhibits and displays, for Children on many occasions, Senior Citizen groups, Churches, Nursing Homes; Political Groups; Civic Groups; groups of Attorneys; Art Clubs; Chambers of Commerce; Rotary; Lions; Kiwanis; and many others. Misc. many years Lay Sermon "Time, the Stuff Life is Made of was presented 3 times over the years at Holy Trinity United Methodist Church.

Space 1986 Mini-series Appeared as a NASA Crew Chief, in the national T.V. 3 night mini-series "Space" which starred Beau Bridges, Harry Hamlin and James Garner, et al.

A Current Affair Enactment Program Appeared in a session of "A Current Affair" which was on National T.V. in about 1988.

Lincoln National Life Commercial Appeared as a doctor in a commercial for this insurance company which ran for about 3 years as an ad on the Bill Yeoman Show in Houston, Texas.

Baytown Little Theater 10 to 12 shows Acted in theater productions, including: The Judge in You, the Jury; Merlin in Camelot; 3 parts in Amadeus; 5 parts in My Fair Lady; Plant manager in Diary of Anne Frank; and number of others including running the lights.

Centre Stage Players 1 show Played the stage manager in Play on and on and on...

San Jacinto Community Theater 1 show Played Simon Stimson, the drunk choir director in "Our Town".

Boston Ave. Methodist 1 show Played Simon Stimson, the drunk choir director in "Our Town".