HOUSTON, TX 77015-3766

Terrell William "Terry" Proctor, J.D. licensed: Supreme Court of Texas; and in the
Attorney/Mediator So.Dist. Texas-Federal; U.S. 5th Circuit
Phones: (713) 453-8338 FAX (713) 453-3232
or 1-800-472-5721 eMail: auraman@swbell.net



ATTORNEY-MEDIATOR & Former JUDGE, TERRELL WILLIAM "TERRY" PROCTOR, J.D., has spent years doing public speaking, acting, performing magic, and doing demonstrative presentations on eArt Scanning (the new art form and evidence tool which Terry has developed), art, poetry, religion, politics, Paleontology and a number of other fields where he has reasonable knowledge, in addition to law, mediation and arbitration.

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Terry is equipped with overhead projector to present interesting programs in any of the following areas:

Law-many topics and areas
(request the area of law you wish covered)
How it works and why it works
History of Law
from early times
eArt Scanning
a new Art Form and
a great evidentiary tool
Magic Show
for non-profit groups
Paleontology, rockhounding,
fossil collecting for fun and profit
Art in many forms
watercolor, pen & ink, oils, et al
Acting 101
How to get into theater & movies
Writing for fun and profit Life is for living, fun
and service to others
How religion fits
into our lives
Anyone can do virtually anything,
if you convince YOURSELF you can!!!

The above are samples of the type of material which Terry can cover in public speaking engagements. Often he hands out printed material to supplement his presentations. Terry's talks are inspirational, creative, thought-provoking and never dull. Terry believes that the words "I can't" should be abolished from the English language (and every other language). His favorite saying, from an unknown source, is: "We are not what we think we are. What we think, we are!!!"

Terry not only believes anyone can do virtually anything, he has done many of them and is doing more all the time. There are no boundaries to creativity, if you set your mind on doing something good, creative and useful to others.

Terry does make a charge for commercial motivational speaking. However, he often speaks to non-profit groups, scouts, churches, civic groups, schools and such for FREE. Click here for the contact information for TERRY.